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Data acquisition is only step one, after that you must decide what you want to actually do with your data. Whether it be updating your list with the latest mover information, processing it for the lowest postal automation rates, or just cleaning it up to give it a more professional look and feel, our Data Processing Solutions can help. We have a professional staff of data technicians and programmers who will work with you to get you the results that you need in the time frame that you need it.

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Address Updates

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Suppression Services

Address Update Services

Did you know that more than 40 million Change of Address (COA) cards are filed every year? It's a never-ending cycle: according to USPS estimates, 17 percent of American people and businesses move every year.

The fact is, your address lists, when left alone, will generate increasingly ineffective mailings and disappointing response rates. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: let us enhance your list and help keep you up to date.

List Cleanup & Enhancement Services

Improve the feel of your address labels by making them less computerized and more personal. We offer a range of services then will add that personal touch to your mail piece.

Merge/Purge Services

Identify and eliminate duplicate records within a single file or across multiple files. We employ sophisticated matching algorithms specifically designed for names & addresses which recognize nicknames, common misspellings, and individual address components. We offer three standard types of duplicate elimination as well support any custom criteria that you can come up with.

Suppression Services

Our Suppression Services flag addresses that match undesirable user-specified criteria, to help you reach the optimal audience for any mailing. By knowing which addresses to hold back, you'll improve per-piece response rates, cut back on production costs, and improve your overall profitability.