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Our Suppression Services flag addresses that match undesirable user-specified criteria, to help you reach the optimal audience for any mailing. By knowing which addresses to hold back, you'll improve per-piece response rates, cut back on production costs, and improve your overall profitability. The suppression services we offer are detailed below.


DMA Suppression

Identify consumers who have registered with the Mail Preference Service (MPS) of the Direct Marketing Association because they do not wish to receive any advertising mail. The MPS is the mailing industry's official opt-out database, and registered names and addresses remain active for five years.


Deceased Suppression

Flag records in your list for people who have been identified as deceased based on data derived from Social Security Administration Records and other sources. Records in this file date back more than 20 years.


Suppression Suite

The Suppression Suite not only includes both Deceased and DMA Suppression but also identifies military ZIPĀ® codes, prisons, businesses, shopping centers, colleges, universities, nursing homes, retirement homes, and trailer parks.