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Document Security

We have implemented physical safeguards and document control policies designed to monitor and control your sensitive materials for the entire duration of the project.

Document Receipt & Batching

Documents we receive are immediately transported to our batching room where they are organized into batches, logged into our tracking system and moved to our secure document storage area. This entire process is closely monitored by one or more of our supervisors to ensure no documents are lost, mishandled or misplaced.

Data Entry

In order to maintain control of the documents and limit their exposure, each operator is only allowed to be assigned a single batch of documents from the secure document storage area at any one time and this batch must be returned whenever the operator stops working on it, even if they are just getting up for a short break. Only supervisors have access to this secure document storage area and they are the ones who perform all batch related tasks (check-outs, check-ins, etc.).

Document Return

Once data entry has been completed, the batches are checked-out of the secure document storage area and packed into boxes. Supervisor(s) then do an independent inventory and reconciliation of all boxes and then seal them with tamper-evident tape in preparation for document return.

Building Access Control

Access to our building is controlled via a secure foyer that is monitored by a receptionist during business hours and is locked after-hours. In addition to the main foyer of the building, we have a secondary reception area controlling access to our batching and data entry areas. Our offices are equipped with a security system which is activated after hours and utilizes door switches, motion detectors and infrared sensors. This system is monitored 24/7 for any breach of building security.