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Upper & Lower Casing Overview

Clean up customer and prospect files or mailing lists. Labels, envelopes, letters, anything that you address, will be more personal, more readable and much more likely to be opened.

Upper/Lower Casing & Abbreviation Expansion

Upper & lower casing makes labels and letters look more personal and more attractive to the recipient's eyes. Address blocks are converted to proper upper and lower casing, are properly punctuated, and all abbreviations are fully expanded.

Input Data

Output Data


Dr. and Mrs. J. McHue, Jr.


United States Sales Company, Inc.

123 E 6TH AVE

123 East Sixth Avenue

S MIAMI FL 33131

South Miami, FL 33131

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Send your file(s) via the transmit a file link below. We accept standard ASCII, dBase, Excel and many other file formats.

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