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Personalized Salutations Overview

Personal appeals are much more likely to be read. Increase response by adding formal or informal personalized salutations to your mailing list.

Formal & Informal Salutations

Create a perfect salutation when the data is complete or an acceptable salutation if the data is inadequate. Combine our personal salutation and genderization service for outstanding results. Here are some examples:

Incoming Name



Mr. John C. Brown

Dear Mr. Brown:

Dear John,

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Brown

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Brown:

Dear John,

Major J. C. Brown, Jr.

Dear Major Brown:

Dear Major Brown,

Dale Evans

Dear Dale Evans:

Dear Dale,

Ms. Beth Smith-Brown

Dear Ms. Smith-Brown:

Dear Beth,


Dear Customer:

Dear John,

Transmit a File for Processing

Send your file(s) via the transmit a file link below. We accept standard ASCII, dBase, Excel and many other file formats.

Transmit a File

Input Data Required

Output Data Returned

  • Salutation Prefix (Dear, etc.)
  • Salutation Terminator (":", ",", etc.)
  • Neutral Slug
  • Formal Salutation Template
  • Informal Salutation Template
  • Informal Salutation Field
  • Formal Salutation Field