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NCOALink™ FSP Overview

When you use our NCOALink™ FSP service, you'll see an immediate improvement in list hygiene and the deliverability of your mail. That's because NCOALink searches your mailing list for the individuals, families and businesses that have moved and filed a Change of Address notice with the U.S. Postal Service in up to the last four years. Don't mail to an old address when you can get the new one quickly and easily.

What NCOALink™ Service Includes

NCOA Services from ASD, Inc includes:

  • CASS Certification
  • Zip Code Verification
  • National COA Processing
  • Nixie Option Coding
  • Address Standardization
  • Carrier Route Append
  • Zip+4 Append
  • Statistical Reporting
File Submission Requirements

The U.S. Postal Service requires a signed Processing Acknowledgment Form (PAF). Please read the NCOA usage guidelines and then download and fill out the List Owner Information Form. We will generate and send you the completed PAF that you must sign and return to us before processing can begin.

Transmit a File for Processing

Send your file(s) via the transmit a file link below. We accept standard ASCII, dBase, Excel and many other file formats.

Transmit a File

You Submit

We Return

  • Full Name and/or Company
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Nixie Code
  • Service Status Code
  • Move Date
  • CRRT
  • DPBC
  • Address Error Flags